Abstract submission

Abstracts should be typed in English and submitted electronically via the following Submission Form:


ABSTRACTS: their length should not exceed 500 words.

TITLE: it should be brief with no superfluous words.

FOLLOWED BY: Authors’ names and Institutes, Lead Author’s e-mail address.

TEXT: 1. A couple of sentences to explain WHY the work is important; 2. Short description of the Methodology (i.e. Data population, equipment, procedure, data processing and statistics); 3. Succinct review of findings – summary data; 4. Conclusions; 5. Keywords – no more than 6.

Each author can only submit one abstract as first author. Only four co-authors are allowed for each submission.

Abstracts will be evaluated on quality and appropriateness of congress themes or any discipline involving: Sports Tourism and Technology; Sustainability in Sports Tourism; Sports Tourism and Health; and Sports Tourism Management. Each submission must be original work not previously presented or published elsewhere.

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