SASTOM Congress will take place simultaneously in two ways: physically; and online. Once the abstract has been accepted by our Scientific Committee, authors will have two options to present their communications: e-video-abstract; or e-poster.

E-communications can be presented in Spanish during the Congress Communication Session.

Your e-communications should be sent to: sastom@kineticperformance.es


A short video with audio recordings should highlight the importance of your research (in English or in Spanish). Authors are allowed to provide a summary of their study, a description of the implemented technique, and/or background information.

Video abstracts can adopt the form of computer-generated animations, live technique demonstrations, interviews with authors, and similar recordings meant to help readers further understand the research subject matter.

Technical Requirements

File type: .mov, .avi, .mpg, .mp4, and .wmv.
Length: maximum 5 minutes
Frame size: 640 × 360 pixels.
Aspect ratio: 16:9, square pixels, deinterlaced.
File size: maximum 300 MB.

Other Requirements

In addition to being accessible to non-experts in the Author’s Research field, the video should be easy to understand.

The audio should be clear and comprehensible.

Verbal descriptions and/or subtitles/text descriptions are highly recommended for clarity purposes.

Text and images should appear in an easy-to-read size.

A title page should be created including the full title of your abstract, as well as the authors’ names and affiliations.

File transfer sites such as wetransfer.com may be used to send your e-video-abstract / files to: sastom@kineticperformance.es

Written Transcripts

A complete, accurate, word-for-word transcript of the submitted video abstract must be provided.

Privacy Statement

The submission of your e-video-abstract to SASTOM Congress will be regarded as a Recording and Reproduction Rights Agreement with the organisers.

The e-video-abstracts received will exclusively be available to SASTOM Congress participants. The public exhibition of an e-video-abstract will require its authors’ explicit authorisation.


The e-poster should include a maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides in English.

FONT: Times New Roman


TITLE: It should be brief with no superfluous words. (BOLD).

FOLLOWED BY: Authors’ names and Institutes, Lead Author’s e-mail address.

1.    INTRODUCTION. Explain WHY the work is important, citing previous research if possible.
2.    METHODOLOGY. Description of the Methodology (i.e. Data population, equipment, procedure, data processing and statistics).
3.    DISCUSSION. Succinct review of findings and their relevance.
5.    REFERENCES. Only the most significant ones.

Please send your file to: sastom@kineticperformance.es

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